Hi! We’re Toya

We just added Super U Story to our catalog. The Roblox experience is a story mode game, themed around body image and self esteem, which is part of an academic research with the Center for Appearance Reasearch at the University of West England, Bristol. The game is partly funded by Toiletry Company Dove, and supported by Women in Games, and launched in conjunction with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine’s Education Team.

Toya is a female led UGC game studio producing non-linear, open-ended games on Roblox. The company’s experiences which span across the Roleplay, Simulation and Story-mode genres has gained more than a Billion plays, and enjoyed by over 100 Million unique players worldwide.

Toya has launched more than 30 games and Metaverse products, with its unique signature style that offers a culturally innovative view of gaming. The company focuses on developing and promoting games that reflect equal opportunities, diverse characters, and more dynamic storylines across the gender spectrum.  

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