Super U Story is a story-mode game which lets you join a super-powers Academy, where you get to discover your special abilities, a gift that you can train and use once you turn 11 year old. In the story, you get to escape and defeat a group of toxic students, play obbeys and experience more angles of the story using an in-game social media named Fluttr. 

Super U Story was developed together with DOVE, and leading academic research group CAR, the Centre for Appearance Research , as part of a multi-year self-esteem and female empowerment program. The research measures the impact of the experience on teen girls, and the way it changed attitudes around body image. Our main theme for this game is that younger girls can be their true selves, instead of becoming stuck in stereotypes. With Super U Story, we want to change beauty-representation, impact body confidence, and help girls build up their self-esteem. 


Miraculous™ RP: Ladybug & Cat Noir is a Roblox adaptation of an animated, girl-superhero, children’s television series. The game takes you into Miraculous Paris, where you can play as characters from the show, hang out with friends, explore the city, play mini-games, and defeat villains!

Miraculous™ RP: Ladybug & Cat Noir is the 2022 Kidsscreen award winner in the alternative games category, and the only Roblox game to ever win this prestigious award. The game has also received three Roblox tilt trophies, recognizing 80 Million hours of lifetime play. 


Clicker Simulator is a leading Roblox Simulator, where you get to hatch, collect, and trade LEGENDARY pets! The sophisticated game economy allows the player to multiply action impact with “Rebirths” and Gems. By accumulating gems and points, users can unlock more content and discover more islands high above. Climb the leaderboards and become a Clicking God!

Clicker Simulator is ranked in the top 10 “most engaging” and “people’s love” games on Roblox, and has been accumulating die hard fans globally. Since launching, the game has been played more than 430 Million times, and attracted 1.9M followers on social media. 

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Secret Life – RP is a roleplaying game that allows users to transform into the hero (or villain) of their dreams! This action packed roleplay world is full of possibilities, where players can make up their own stories and decide how the game plays out. 

The unique game allows users to create two different looks, an ordinary avatar, and a super-hero outfit. Players can also build their own house, design secret lairs and explore the city. The game also features different jobs and competitive quests, to unlock gothic or angelic powers that help you create the perfect superhero!

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